How it all started

I started this blog maybe halfway into the process. Several years ago, while I was living in London, UK, I was a regular at the Saturday Borough Market. A wonderful very old farmer’s market on the South Bank. Some of England’s oldest sites are situated on the South Bank and it was once a bustling very dangerous port. Life expectancy was not high in those days and if you were a dock worker it was even lower. I happened upon this wonderful Spanish food stall called Brindisi. They were frying up half-cured Spanish chorizo in the Andalucia style. Most people think that Spanish chorizo is all the same but you would anger a lot of Spaniards saying that. It’s like saying Texas bbq is the same as Carolina. You get my drift. I ordered one, with grilled sweet peppers, rocket on a Spanish style sourdough bread. I was hooked. Like in the past I had to learn how to make the sausage. I started researching asking the guys at the markets and realized that it was going to be a long process. After some more travelling through Europe, I finally moved back stateside and really began to start to hone my craft. I reached out to others blogging like Matt Wright at Wrightfoods. Then I hit the forums and started building my cure chamber. I’ll post on how I built one shortly. Three fridges later I had a working cure chamber and began experimenting with different recipes. The first of course was the Spanish chorizo.

Semi cured Spanish Chorizo

This little sausage takes nearly 6 weeks in the dry cure chamber depending on what else you have in there. This was my first successful attempt after nearly 2 months of trying. It turned out great and I just wanted to do more.

After nearly a year of curing, I decided that I wanted to make a small side business and after some joking with friends, Cured DC was born. Cured DC is a virtual salameria. Cured hand delivers products and takes special orders of particular salamis, aged steaks, and other Cured products. We usually have a pantry of items on-hand but only cure once or twice a month. So this is my experiment hope you all enjoy!


Ok so I’m just a regular guy. Well not so regular I guess. Everyone is special so I suppose that makes me special too. My bro at deadbait has been trying to get me to blog for a while so I figured I would give it a shot.

I’m a well educated man. I’ve got a big loving family lots of siblings, cousins, uncles and so on. And a lovely wife.  And recent new addition who is just as adorable as can be. OK I’m gushing. When I was young my parents told me to go forth and get educated. I did. After many many years of studying several degrees and finally a PhD from a very prestigious school in London, UK I landed a very prestigious job, researching. Except it wasn’t like before when I was a student and could make up the rules as I went along. Be on the ground and really make change. I, unfortunately have become an armchair researcher with little time spent in the field. So I started drifting into my favorite pastime and exploring other latent interests more and more. I’ve traveled all over the world Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. I’ve lived in several countries and I found the way I connected with people was always through food. I learned how to cook cuisine from every place I visited and find myself cooking elaborate but simple (confusing right?) dishes nearly every night.

The reason I wanted to write this blog was to answer a question. Like the good researcher in me, every solution starts with a question. The question I am asking myself is…Can a home cook like me jump into the culinary business with no formal training just a lot of passion and interest in cooking good food to bring people together. So I’m hoping some of you will read this and give me advice, tell me to shut the hell up, or maybe even be inspired to sit around good food and talk with your neighbors. Next post will start moving us along. I’ll show you what I’ve been up to and maybe you can share with me as well. Looking forward to the journey.