Flock Together – Duck Prosciutto on Mockingbird Hill Menu

I’m excited to announce that Cured DC’s Duck Proscuitto made it on to the menu at Derek Brown’s (Passenger, Columbia Room) new sherry bar, Mockingbird Hill. Brown’s new joint is an exciting addition to DC’s emerging high-quality bar and cocktail culture. Sherry, as Brown put it, was in need of a re-awakening, and served along side fine Spanish and even local versions, will be fine Iberico and Virginia hams. Our duck prosciutto makes another tasty non-pork cured addition though. The salty sweetness of the fat and the decadent and rich nutty mouthfeel of the duck will knock your socks off when paired with Tio Pepe. But don’t take our word for it, DC’s Bright Young Things blog and the Washington Post agree, Brown’s new project is going to be a hit. Its truly an honor to have our product considered and selected among other fine DC artisanal brands including DC Brau, Three Stars, Green Hat Gin and Red Apron.

Duck Prosciutto at Mockingbird Hill


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