Prosciutto Check-in

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! After a rather long hiatus from curing and butchering I’m back! Sorry to all those fans who followed for a short time at the beginning but I had to get settled after the birth of my son. He is now almost 8 months and now I have finally settled enough to get back to curing and butchering. I’ll have to admit I wasn’t completely idle either. I tested out a lot of new recipes since I was in the house most of the time with him and the wife. I even went and hung my prosciutto’s!!!  This is the first one,


Oh but there are more…


Why make one proscuitto when you can make four! These will be ready late spring/early summer. They have already been cured and are now going through the aging process. Ideally you wanna have them age in a light breeze on the hills in some Italian village but barring that a nicely ventilated basement that is kept cool will do in a pinch.

I pulled the recipe for the prociutto’s together from a few sources but will post that in my next post. Happy New Year All!!