How it all started

I started this blog maybe halfway into the process. Several years ago, while I was living in London, UK, I was a regular at the Saturday Borough Market. A wonderful very old farmer’s market on the South Bank. Some of England’s oldest sites are situated on the South Bank and it was once a bustling very dangerous port. Life expectancy was not high in those days and if you were a dock worker it was even lower. I happened upon this wonderful Spanish food stall called Brindisi. They were frying up half-cured Spanish chorizo in the Andalucia style. Most people think that Spanish chorizo is all the same but you would anger a lot of Spaniards saying that. It’s like saying Texas bbq is the same as Carolina. You get my drift. I ordered one, with grilled sweet peppers, rocket on a Spanish style sourdough bread. I was hooked. Like in the past I had to learn how to make the sausage. I started researching asking the guys at the markets and realized that it was going to be a long process. After some more travelling through Europe, I finally moved back stateside and really began to start to hone my craft. I reached out to others blogging like Matt Wright at Wrightfoods. Then I hit the forums and started building my cure chamber. I’ll post on how I built one shortly. Three fridges later I had a working cure chamber and began experimenting with different recipes. The first of course was the Spanish chorizo.

Semi cured Spanish Chorizo

This little sausage takes nearly 6 weeks in the dry cure chamber depending on what else you have in there. This was my first successful attempt after nearly 2 months of trying. It turned out great and I just wanted to do more.

After nearly a year of curing, I decided that I wanted to make a small side business and after some joking with friends, Cured DC was born. Cured DC is a virtual salameria. Cured hand delivers products and takes special orders of particular salamis, aged steaks, and other Cured products. We usually have a pantry of items on-hand but only cure once or twice a month. So this is my experiment hope you all enjoy!

One thought on “How it all started

  1. I’m not going to lie: along with the lardo, this chorizo CHANGED MY LIFE (for the better, despite my doctor’s warnings about cholesterol level. Whatevs dude!) Please say that this chorizo will be a permanent fixture on your rotating menu of awesome, it’s amazing!

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